Custom Made Snowmobile Gears

Drive sprockets or 'gears' are one of the most common requests of custom snowmobile parts. Especially for vintage class racing where parts for your machine are no longer available or even for modern sleds where a certain size is unavailable or you want a custom alloy to reduce rotating mass and gain a performance edge.
custom made set of sprocket for artic cat lynx
Industrial Jig & Fixture LLC can machine sprockets for ANY snowmobile, custom made from raw stock - nothing is for sale off the shelf or categorized by year, manufacture of snowmobile etc., they are all custom machined to fit your snowmobile based on parts you provide. In some cases gears can be machined based on data recorded from previous jobs (when sleds use industry standard engineering on their internal splines) without the need of any samples; but generally speaking the more fit information you can provide the less costly and faster it will be to produce the new parts.

If you can supply the trifecta of shaft, sample sprocket (any size will do, doesn't have to be size you are requested to have made) and chain this is a perfect scenario. Parts can however be created based on lesser info such as shaft and sprocket, sprocket only, shaft and exact chain data etc., Contact us for specifics. Unfortunately the manufactures do not profit from releasing their engineering info and in many cases (especially vintage machines) they use non-standard / modified specs - so there is limited interchangeability between makes of snowmobiles - which makes having sample parts on hand a necessity or at least a greater benefit to you as a desired fit can be guaranteed given your provided samples.
billet machined polaris gear from 7075 AL
The most common request is for drive sprockets made of 7075 "aircraft" aluminum. It reduces weight greatly and we have had good results from this especially with machines 100hp or less. Considering that material: total costs to produce the gears average around $2 per tooth. This means add the count of the internal spline teeth + the count of the outer teeth (double or triple chain makes no difference, just the tooth count such as you consider for gear ratio) times $2 for each gear you need and you have yourself a close rough estimate. The more quantities you have done at a single time of exactly duplicate parts the more the cost will go down. Example - ordering a single sprocket with limited provided fit components and the price goes up - multiple 37 tooth sprockets to fit the same machine and the price goes down per part, and so on. If this rough estimate is within your budget, I would urge you to e-mail for a custom quote - in most instances quotes can be given based on an e-mailed picture of your old parts.
upper and lower triple chain sprockets for faster gearing
Sprockets can be machined from any material; aluminum, steel, titanium etc. Costs raise as material machineability goes down and of course as price of raw materials raise.

You must call (715-718-3671) or e-mail ( for a quote on your exact order. Lead times vary, generally you can expect around 2 weeks. Costs of materials must be paid upfront, complete payment upon proof of completion prior to delivery. Checks or credit card via PayPal is accepted at additional percentage.

It is up to you to determine your gearing needs and how this will alter your machines riding characteristics. Industrial Jig & Fixture LLC does not make engineering suggestions regarding snowmobile performance or guarantee how selected alloys will perform on your machine. Orders will be fulfilled by machining parts that correspond to your provided samples, all other concerns are entirely your own responsibility.

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