One-Off Custom Gear Cutting

  • One of the only facilities in the nation to provide complete LOW-VOLUME or ONE-OFF gear production.
  • When necessary; ability to reverse engineer from a provided sample: even if sample is damaged.
  • Complex and compound angle gear types no problem; we develop processes to machine any power transmission mechanisms imaginable.


Mitre and bevel gear milling


Who can machine a flat gear rack

Ability to Machine Many Gear Types...

  • Spur gears: involute, module or any custom form.
  • Helical, spiral or herringbone
  • Gear racks for all geometry types
  • Bevel or skew bevel gears
  • Worms and worm wheels
  • Hindley worm, hourglass or Gemmer type steering gears
  • Elliptical, epicyclic or other variants.


  • Internal gears of many types
  • Intermittent gears & ratchet mechanisms
  • Various Cams & Lobes
  • Knurling & flat knurling
  • Roller chain sprockets
  • Track drive, cogged belt & custom sprocket types


makes replacement gears for individuals

Custom Gear Machining & Replacement

Unlike the rest of the gear making industry, we offer low volume or totally one-off gear production without any minimum quantites, and we are built to give the most capability in producing the full spectrum of gear geometry and the most economic service available nationwide for small quantity production of common gear types.

Common situations include; complex gear types for experimental devices, prototypes or machine builds. Replacement gears for old-standard types, gears requiring other part features such as interal splines, keyways, etc. Replacement gears for out-of-service life equipment. Low volume production gears as a component in a product line. Or various other applications.

Capacity ranging from very small tooth forms for ratcheting and indexing mechanisms to large diameter gears and sprockets for heavy industry. Second operation services completely in-house save time and money, include internal keyways of all types (std., double, tapered, etc.), interal splining, production of compound gears to a very close shoulder and many other second-op or full production capability. Please see the various sample pictures for examples or inquire on specific details.

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