• Deckel KF12 all mechanical duplicator offers quicker setups for low volume or one-off parts.
  • Ability to replicate full parts or individual part features and translate in multiple ways.
  • Economic replacement of organic-shaped castings in billet material for greater performance.
  • Production of complex organic-type features via inexpensive mock-up.


duplicating an old cast iron part


Deckel and Gorton copy mills


custom engraving in aluminum


custom logo engraving in metal

Pantograph Machining

  • Full 3-dimensional machining based off pattern at 2:1 up to 8:1 reductions.
  • High speed machining at up to 20,000rpm spindle speeds.
  • Simplifies machining of highly intricate parts requiring small tooling.
  • Engraving of all metal types; fonts, numbers, etc. any style.
  • Full logo or image engraving made simple and economical: any shape based off .jpg image.

Duplicator and 3D Pantograph Machining

Complete 1:1 duplication of existing parts, or from any satisfactory sample; whether it be old, worn, damaged or broken. Also we provide duplication based on any satisfactory geometric model or mathematical description: reproduced in the material of your choice. These techniques are ideal for prototyping purposes, as we vastly out-perform lenghty digitizing processes. In the time it takes others to digitally translate or reverse engineer; we may have the work completed.

Duplicating is also adventageous when needing a replacement on an out-of-service-life component, particuarly castings that have complex surfaces & blends. We may take a provided sampled, and reproduce the geometry out of stronger and more economical (for low quantities) billet material of your choice.

Pantograph operations are peformed on a Gorton P2-3; the largest 3-dimensional pantograph machine produced. With a full array of attachments and toolroom techniques; we perform numerous high-speed milling, multi-axis and pantomill operations. Many of which are beyond the scope of what is conventionally thought possible given the base machine. We can produce intricate features that otherwise dictate extreme cost; quickly and with relative ease.

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