3D & Multi-Axis Milling

  • Advanced capabilities & adaptability to alter sizes or geometry which is invaluable for prototype development.
  • Ability to machine parts without having to program - means no time having to mathematically describe every individual feature (often thousands of lines).
  • Higher quality, less cost, less lead time than die-casting


billet machined doorlockers for cars trucks


5-axis machining on all sides of a part simultaenously


3D printing not as good as 3D milling services


4th axis machining services done cheap

Complex Machining Operations

  • Drastically reduced cost and lead time over other methods. Especially in lower quantites or for one-off jobs
  • Stronger, more durable parts than rapid prototyping & more represenative of your finished product.
  • Organic geometry, strength ribbing, multiple blends & radii - no problem.

4th & 5th Axis Machining Simplified

We are capable of producing virtually any geometric form, including multiple radii blends, cherrying operations, cavity forms, spherical and conical shapes: in short, work often labeled as 5-axis machining.

Our unique machinery and techniques permit this class of work and beyond - often features that are thought to be impossible or impractical to be made from billet, where tooling need be introduced from multiple vectors, thus the moniker multi axis milling.

Applications include ornamental work, mold & die cores, complex billet-machined parts & prototypes.

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