Machining Sprials & Helical Forms

  • Multiple techniques are possible (single point generating, multi-tooth milling, broaching or planing) on three different machining centers.
  • Part examples include various helical or spiral gears, lead screws, actuators, valves, rotors, impellors, guides, heavy duty springs etc.

Cam Milling

  • Cam milling based off of provided engineering data or from an old sample.
  • Fast & efficient solution for low volume production of cams, rotors, lobes, etc.


Milling a 60 degree helix


mating internal & external helical splined parts


finished outer helical spline driver

Performance Advantage

  • Ability to trasnlate any form across a helix or spiral.
  • Widest possible range of processes at our disposal gives opportunity to tool your specific job faster and more efficiently.
  • Internal spirals and helices may also be machined: a very rare capability.

Helical Splines & Spiral Milling

Ability to quickly and efficiently create processes to meet the ideal manufacturing method for a wide range of helical and spiral geometry. A truly unique feature is our capability to produce this form internally (inside hole features). So that we may produced both of the mating external and internal spline components for instance; or internal follower grooves, oil grooves and so forth. The range of possibilities is near limitless, as we have multiple machines and processes that may be tooled for helical work.

Breaking barriers of design limitation, we can machine these features at extreme lead angles and there is no lengthy delay in programming, digitizing or waiting on third-party tool grinding. We address all contingencies entirely in-house, and can have your pieces prototyped and back to you faster.

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